Deleting this blog!

And moving to and STAYING to my original and primary blog, which was previously amiimetalface. I’ve now changed the URL which is in the link above, and it’s similar to this one - it’s See what i did there? C;

Thankyou all so much for following me <3 74 followers is seriously a LOT for me, and I feel really loved for it haha! As i said I’ll be merging momma stuffs and updates on B, and mine and Andrew’s journey through parenthood (AND creating our wedding day!) with the usual boobies art and gore that is on this blog :)

Again, thankyou all for following me <3

Tuesday Feb 2 @ 11:48pm

ladiedanger said: Hey lovely! Couldn't managed to get onto your other blog to send you this :) Thank you so much for your darling message, I would've answered you earlier but I accidentally deleted question, I'm sorry. I eventually logged onto my email and found exactly what you had asked, which is why I've posted a text post of my answers for you.
I hope you are having a great day x

oh my gosh! thankyou so so much! i eventually changed the url to be a little similar to this, but i shall repost this :) again, THANKYOOOU! :D i love getting lovely messages like this, you’ve totally made my night! xxxx

Tuesday Feb 2 @ 11:45pm
Merging accounts!

I’ve had this blog since about September/October time, and I’ve posted more on here than on my primary blog, Since they’re both on the same account and all, it’s a bit weird especially trying to reply to people via message and another name comes up!

I’ve figured I’ve kept the two separate for too long…one blog is full of momma and parenting stuff that I post occasionally, and this one is full of my innermost thoughts, covets, desires and obsessions. I guess it’s time to combine the two, since they’re both about me, just two different sides.

So if my lovely followers can please add my momma blog which is my main one, as I shall be shutting this down i a few weeks once I’ve transferred all my pictures from here over to there :)

Thankyou xxx

Tuesday Feb 2 @ 12:46pm

haha brilliant :)

 mon the double chins!


haha brilliant :)

 mon the double chins!

Sunday Feb 2 @ 04:18pm

make-up; i fail so hard at it.

Sunday Feb 2 @ 12:33am

This awesome site for pulling together looks. I use it to stow away ideas for dressing up etc. It’s lovely, and easy to use. I’ve only recently started actually publishing my looks, I normally keep it all to myself!

Add me?

I’m steelandlace on it :)

Saturday Feb 2 @ 11:50pm




Lol, it’s me when I was 17 xD

Hahah, awesome

Saturday Feb 2 @ 04:48pm
Friday Feb 2 @ 09:43pm

Elegance (by Matheus Lopes)



Elegance (by Matheus Lopes)


Friday Feb 2 @ 09:41pm
I want this so badly&#8230;

I want this so badly…

Thursday Feb 2 @ 01:06pm
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